Brand Workshop

How it works


    Our Bold Brand Workshop is a private, 4-hour interactive workshop between our agency and key members of your team, designed to dive deep into the core of the brand. During this workshop, we use our Bold Brand Workbook to ask questions into the brand to stimulate deep deliberation into what the brand will become, clarifying and defining the brand foundation. What you get:


    • Mission Statement
    • Purpose Statement
    • Brand Values
    • Brand Personality
    • Target Audience
    • Competitor Strategy
    • Customer Personas
    • Motto
    • Brand Story
    • Strategy Deck

    Our Process



    We research competitors to evaluate the market fit and determine the best ways to position your brand.


    We conduct our Bold Brand Workshop, using our strategically developed workbook to clarify and define your thoughts around your brand.


    We deliver your final brand strategy deck for use internally in your company.

    Our Strategy Clients


    Shana Bryant Consulting

    Gemini Naturals

    Let's make your brand bold.

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