Bold Brand Workshop

Are you having a hard time explaining the value of your business? Not sure of how to speak to your audience? Unsure of your target audience? Spend the day with us at a private workshop created to help business owners like you clarify your vision and define your brand strategy.

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 Who is this for?

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, founders, executives, brand managers, and marketing staff of businesses. Oftentimes companies struggle to clearly articulate their mission and value. This has an adverse effect on the business development and branding. We focus on clearing the fog to help your brand shine in its best light. Together we will tackle your business and branding challenges.

What will I receive?

During this 4-hour collaborative workshop, we will dive deep into your brand. While going through our Bold Brand Workbook, we will answer questions that help to uncover the true meaning and purpose of your new business. After completing this workshop, you will have a strong brand strategy for your business. We will provide your business with the following:


  • Purpose Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Values
  • Target Audience
  • Competitor Strategy
  • Motto
  • Brand Story

Additionally, we will create a presentation of your new brand foundation that you can use for your pitches and marketing materials.

Why consider a workshop?

Even if you have an idea of what you want your company to be, emotional attachment often causes blind spots. A fresh set of eyes always helps to flush out a concept. Also, adding new perspectives help to forecast challenges and opportunities in the market. When building a business you must be proactive. Spending time evaluating potential challenges and creating strategies will help your business seamlessly grow into your vision.

At TC Creatives we have a background of defining new and pivoting brands so that they are positioned in the best way at launch. We strive to help you clearly articulate who your audience is and your value to them. Having worked in a multitude of industries, we are able to tie in our knowledge and experiences to help make your brand stand out and be bold.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“The Bold Brand Workshop was a necessary first step to bringing my vision to life. This workshop truly helped me better define the foundation and “meat” of what my company is and who it’s for. It forces you to truly delve deep so that every word in your mission, purpose and overall strategy isn’t just a filler or fluff but has actual meaning and importance. I would recommend this to all levels from a startup to a company in need of rebranding!”

– SanJai

Let’s get your workshop scheduled.

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