Community Management

How it works


    Every comment, question, or concern a customer has is an opportunity to give more insights into the value of your brand. Our community management service focuses on strategically and publicly addressing your brand mentions to control the message surrounding your brand. What you get:


    • Organic community engagement on social media to grow brand presence and interactions.
    • Answering comments, questions, and concerns on social media to control messaging.
    • Brand reputation management to ensure your brand is regarded in the best light.
    • Brand mention monitoring to see what the customers want and expect from your brand.

    Our Process



    Set up systems to do social listening for your brand to track customer engagment and determine the opportunities for correction.



    Develop a game plan around the narrative that should be surrounding your brand and how it should be relayed.


    Create automations to monitor brand mentions, channel messages, and comments.


    Our marketing team responds to your customers on your behalf, ensuring positive interactions and quick resolutions.

    Our Marketing Clients

    Gemini Naturals

    Kiwi’s boutique


    Let's make your brand bold.

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