Beauty Branding Package

How it works


    Our beauty branding service is an end-to-end service for brands looking to break through the competitive beauty industry. This service ensures you have everything you need to position your brand strongly at launch. What you get:


    • Bold Brand Workshop
    • Brand identity design
    • Packaging design (up to 4)
    • E-commerce photography
    • Lifestyle photography
    • Beauty photography
    • Brand video with 60 second, 30 second, and (2) 15 second cuts.
    • E-commerce web design
    • 3 months, 1 month pre-launch and 2 months post-launch, of brand management to help successfully acquire early customer interest and adoption.


    Our Process



    We do competitor and design research to gage the standards in your industry. During our discovery call, we will review the goals of your brand.



    We conduct our Bold Brand Workshop, develop your brand voice, and determine the desired aesthetic for your brand. We determine product roll-out strategy for your brand.


    We create all assets (identity, website, media) for your brand.


    We launch your marketing efforts to generate interest and inspire sales.

    Our Beauty Branding Clients

    OMGLO Cosmetics

    Cane Beauty

    Gemini Naturals

    Let's make your brand bold.

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