Zamba Skincare

Zamba Skincare, founded by Rachel Owens, was inspired by the skin-healing powers of purple tea, leading to a unique line of skincare products and herbal teas aimed at enhancing beauty from within. To carve out its niche in the competitive beauty market, Zamba Skincare worked with TC Creatives, who delivered on brand identity, launch strategy, packaging, web design, and marketing, emphasizing the blend of African culture and holistic beauty.
  • Identity Design
  • Product Photography
  • Packaging Design
  • Influencer Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Ad Management
  • Web Design

  • Beauty
  • Food & Beverage


Zamba Tea Sip<
Packaging Double ZambaDouble Tea Sip ZambaZamba Thank You Cards
Zamba WindowZamba Cloth Zamba Business Cards

Media Production

Zamba Tea Sip<
Zamba Zuri GlowZamba TeaZamba Spill
Zamba Zuri with SpillZamba Spoon Zamba Zuri MoundZamba Pour

Web Design

The Zamba Skincare website masterfully showcases the fusion of culture and wellness, with each page adorned in custom textures inspired by traditional Kenyan patterns, underscoring the brand's rich cultural heritage. TC Creatives skillfully spotlighted Zamba Skincare's commitment to locally-sourced organic ingredients by weaving raw ingredient visuals throughout the site, enhancing its authentic story. To captivate visitors and encourage extended engagement, interactive features like scroll bars and accordion elements were integrated, enriching the user experience and increasing time spent on each page. 

Zamba Homepage
Zamba About Page
Zamba Product Page


Packaging Double ZambaDouble Tea Sip ZambaZamba Thank You Cards
Zamba Email 1
Zamba Email 2
Zamba Email 3

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