Yanci Na


After becoming permanently disabled, owner Natalie decided to open Yanci Na – a luxury charm jewelry business. Created to empower, encourage and inspire others through jewelry the way it empowered her. Yanci Na reached out to TC Creatives to build their website and media presence.


To differentiate Yanci Na from other solid charm bracelet brands in the market, TC Creatives focused on the brand’s craftsmanship and elegant designs. 

Media Production

Diversity and inclusion were a big part of Yanci Na’s mission. We made certain to create assets that used unity as the theme. Models with contrasting skin tones were used together to highlight not only the bracelets but the unity of the brand.

Web Development

For the launch of Yanci Na’s website, we designed a minimalist e-commerce platform. Using micro-interactions and simple colors to highlight the stunning handcrafted pieces.

We used products on a 100% white background to make the products look as if they were floating on the webpage, keeping the viewers’ attention on the details and craftmanship of the charm bracelets.

Social Media

TC Creatives designed social media templates to strengthen Yanci Na’s visual branding create consistency. Gold thin lines and grey body copy created a subtleness to contrast with the bold, black headlines.


The TC Creatives’ team developed automated email sequences with collection/category features and valuable content to build the customer’s connection to Yanci Na’s brand.


“TCC has been instrumental in collaborating with me to find ways to increase my brand presence. They have even been kind enough to lin me with their other clients in an effort to network my new products into her client’s very own client base.:

– Natalie C., Owner of Yanci Na

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