Virtue Supplements


TC Creatives was enlisted to grow Virtue Supplements allowing it to break into the supplement industry while keeping customers returning for more. Having exhausted its network during its soft launch, Virtue Supplements looked for an agency to help clarify its messaging, build brand awareness, and generate sales.


To distinguish Virtue Supplements in the industry, we focused on the brand’s mission and values to create content that destigmatizes mental health. Each piece of content works together to promote mental wellness and support those in need.



Month-Over-Month Revenue Growth


Increase Website Traffic


For Virtue Supplements’ strategy, we dived deep into the “why” of the company to redefine its mission, values, purpose, story, and other brand elements.

With a strong brand strategy, website redesign, and strategic omnichannel marketing, we were able to help Virtue Supplements increase brand awareness, organic brand mentions, sales, and website traffic. Each piece of content is created to nurture its audience, building a solid community for the brand.

Media Production

Our team produced high-end brand photography to help Virtue Supplements stand out in a saturated market.

CGI product visualization light therapy mask 360 rotation

Web Development

Our web designers and developers worked together to create a beautiful and functional website. They utilized best practices and the latest technology to make a website that has increased sales and brand awareness.

During the redesign of the Virtue Supplements website, we focused on increasing the user experience, fixing mobile responsiveness, and incorporating more items to visually represent the difference between Virtue and its competitors.



Social Media

We created engaging and shareable social media content revolving around topics close to the brand’s mission. An essential part of this process was to educate consumers on the sustainable ingredients Virtue Supplements uses and pressing mental health topics.


We created a mix of educational and product-focused emails to help further the cause of destigmitizing mental health and building customer loyalty.

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