Vegan Queen Cuisine

Vegan Queen Cuisine, a pioneering vegan food and beverage brand, expanded its product line with the debut of Rejuvenation, a plant-based energy drink crafted to meet the growing demand for health-conscious and sustainable options. In preparation for launching this innovative addition, Vegan Queen Cuisine partnered with TC Creatives to develop retail-ready packaging that would not only encapsulate the essence of the brand but also ensure the new product's prominence in a competitive market.
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Vegan Queen Cuisine Bottle Banner

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and eclectic era of the 70s, TC Creatives meticulously designed a retro-themed packaging for Rejuvenation, aiming to capture the attention of consumers and differentiate it from other offerings on the shelves. This strategic collaboration highlighted TC Creatives' expertise in creating visually appealing and market-responsive packaging designs, effectively positioning Rejuvenation by Vegan Queen Cuisine as a standout choice for those seeking plant-based energy solutions.

Rejuventaion with Bolts Vegan Queen Cuisine All BottlesRejuvenation Gym
VQC Pineapple Front BackVQC Pineapple Front Back

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