Succulent Foods


TC Creatives was approached by Succulent Foods, a pre-packaged halal food company, to design the packaging for their grocery store products.


Succulent Foods was hand crafted with simple ingredients in a bold, flavorful combination. We wanted to create packaging with both bold and minimal elements to visually tell the brand’s story.

Packaging Design

TC Creatives created a modern design while keeping it true to the brand. The new packaging is clean and minimal, focusing on the food itself. The photography is stunning, and the overall effect is very appetizing. The bold design helps Succulent Foods to stand out on the shelves, attracting new customers who are looking for convenient, healthy, and delicious halal meals.

To keep things simple, we used a bold white font on all of the labels. Each title was designed to be justified with either varying sizes or breaking up words in order for them not to feel too cramped when reading off an item’s packaging–and yellow accents gave it just enough color without overwhelming viewers’ eyes!

To ensure customers could see all of the tasty, mouthwatering foods that were inside each package, the meal packages had crisp photography, which made them appealing to look at and tempt customers into buying one whether they only eat halal or not!

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