Sharpe Suiting

Sharpe Suiting, renowned for its commitment to non-gender binary bespoke suiting that embraces all body types, has been a trailblazer in inclusive fashion. Recognizing the need for expansion, Sharpe Suiting sought the expertise of TC Creatives to chart a course for growth.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone and Messaging
  • Business Planning
  • Business Audit
  • Media Production

  • Fashion

Launch of flagship showroom in Los Angeles, CA.


Sharpe Strategy

  Our agency embarked on a thorough examination of the company's operations, engaging with team members and analyzing customer feedback. This comprehensive 45-page audit paved the way for the introduction of streamlined processes, new standard operating procedures (SOPs), innovative fundraising and marketing strategies, and the establishment of a flagship store in West Hollywood, CA.

Media Production


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