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Shana Bryant is a motivational guru focused on the encouragement and empowerment of women to create change. Shana works with individuals, professionals, and non-profits to strategize, visualize, and mobilize each to their maximum potential.

After being in business for 3 years, Shana decided to work on her business full-time. Shana received a full rebrand of her business to more clearly reflect her mission and offerings.

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I. Strategy

Shana Bryant is a multi-faceted organizer. In order to help strategically position her above her competitors, we had to focus on her most significant differentiator, her personality

II. Branding

We used bright color palettes and playful fonts to help create a visually recognizable brand. Playful triangle shapes are used throughout the brand, showcasing earth-shattering results Shana Bryant produces for her clients.

III. Web Design

We redesigned Shana’s website into a bold, playful representation of her brand. The site used bright color and micro-interactions to keep the viewer engaged and excited about the possibilities of using her services.

IV. Marketing

We did social media, ad management, and email marketing to help Shana Bryant effectively engage with her target audience. The multi-channel marketing helped strengthen the rebranding and drive sales for Shana’s upcoming events.

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