Shana Bryant Consulting


Shana Bryant is a motivational guru empowering and encouraging women to create change. Working with individuals, professionals, and non-profits helping them achieve their maximum potential. After 3 years, Shana decided to dedicate full-time to her business. Shana reached out to TC Creatives to rebrand her business to clearly reflect her mission and services.


A unique personality, contagious energy, and ability to deliver helped Shana Bryant to thrive in her business. We focused on her leadership ability and connected her essence to each of her services to attract potential clients.


Instagram Engagement


Facebook Engagement



For a multi-faceted professional such as Shana Bryant, TC Creatives’ team worked on strategically positioning her above her competition. We focused on her most significant differentiator, her personality.

Brand Identity

TC Creatives created a visually recognizable brand, using bright color palettes and playful fonts matching Shana’s personality. Playful triangular shapes are used throughout the brand, showcasing earth-shattering results Shana Bryant produces for her clients.

Web Development

For Shana’s website redesign, we used bright colors and micro-interactions to engage with her audience and to build excitement about the possibilities of using her services. The bold design and playfulness of the website give a clear representation of her brand.

On the Shana Bryant Consulting website, we used different key colors to identify Shana’s key services. A playful overlapping mix of her script and serif fonts helped to keep each header interactive and memorable.



Social Media

TC Creatives’ team developed a multi-channel marketing strategy using social media, ad management and email marketing. It raised Shana’s audience engagement and strengthened the rebranding, driving sales for Shana’s upcoming events.


To continually build a relationship with Shana Bryant’s subscribers, TC Creatives crafts multiple value-based emails monthly to keep Shana’s services and expertise top of mind.


“TC Creatives communicates clearly and has phenomenal customer service. The new brand captures the personality of the business and has helped make it more cohesive across its various services.”

-Shana Bryant, Founder at Shana Bryant Consulting

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