Ripl Efek


Ripl Efek is a luxury consignment shop dedicated to sustainable fashion. While building its website for launch, Ripl Efek contacted TC Creatives to create a strong visual brand vision, custom font, and email automation sequences.


TC Creatives worked closely with Ripl Efek to first create a cohesive brand strategy with custom typography, color palette, and visual guides. The team also developed a marketing strategy using the new brand assets to build email consistency and retarget subscribers.


The strategy for Ripl Efek began with competitor design research to gauge the standards in this industry. Our team created a unique and specialized brand identity to create cohesion amongst the brand and its marketing efforts. We also created newsletter campaigns and templates from scratch to increase sales and brand visibility.

Typography Design

The Ripl font was designed with two variations. One with simplicity and a fashionable san-serif style, keeping an elegant consistency through every letter form. The other, with wavy letters, visualize the ripple effect consignment shopping has on the environment.


The wavy version of the Ripl font is used for the first and last letter of the sentence, while the regular version is used for all other letters, creating a fun effect in every headline.

Email marketing

To continue fostering relationships with their customers, TC Creatives sleekly designed email campaigns that helped to catch new customers’ attention as well as retarget past purchasers to drive revenue and add value to their brand.

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