OOLI Beauty


OOLI is a groundbreaking haircare company focused on providing solutions for locs. After finishing their product line and branding, OOLI was seeking an e-commerce website to sell to customers.



The TC Creatives’ team worked with OOLI Beauty to develop an e-commerce website with a bold look to spotlight loc’d hair.

After a soft launch, we developed a creative marketing strategy with ad placement for OOLI Beauty to raise brand awareness and secure sales.




Website Traffic


Average Order Value (AOV)


Packaging Design

When OOLI started with TC Creatives, they already had a clear, defined brand. To increase the unboxing experience for customers, we designed branded floral shipping boxes to fit the products and kits.

A mix of tropical florals and brand colors were used on each box. There were 3 variations of the shipping boxes which used different combinations of the brand colors and different tropical flowers. The logo and florals were split between two panels,  giving the packaging design a wrap-around aesthetic. 

Media Production

The campaigns produced for OOLI Beauty were aimed to create fresh and bold content. TC Creatives production team cast a diverse group of models for their first PSA campaign.
OOLI Beauty’s first campaign was launched during Black History month followed by the CROWN act.

TC Creatives produced the OOLI “My Hair, My History” Campaign for Black History Month and the start of the new marketing push. The campaign received over 22k plays in the first 24 hours and 400k views on social media over the 3-week run-time, jumpstarting sales and brand awareness for OOLI.

Web Development

OOLI had a limited product offering at launch. For the OOLI Beauty website, we used large banners with bright bold colors featuring their three original products. 

To match the tropical style of OOLI’s packaging, TC Creatives used natural elements throughout the website and e-commerce photography to tie the branding in strongly.

Social Media

As part of a tiered advertisement system, TC Creatives delivered ads based on the customer’s stage of their journey. Using videos, images, carousels of products, and gifs to capture the attention of buyers and start conversations.

We used social media ad management to help build brand awareness and increase sales for OOLI. Through our brand awareness and conversion goals, we were able to increase sales by 2172% in 4 weeks.

Social media templates were designed to build brand recognition for OOLI.


TC Creatives’ team created an email marketing strategy to engage throughout the buyer’s journey. The strategy consisted of alternating value-based emails with sales and product featured content to connect emotionally with the customer.


“Come to them at the beginning of the project and have them work out whatever it is you’re doing. That’s one of my only regrets because I lost about four months when I didn’t start with them.”

– Jessica P., Founder at OOLI

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