OMGLO Cosmetics Branding


OMGLO Cosmetics is a beauty brand focused on creating products for minority beauty lovers. In the beginning stages of the brand, OMGLO needed a complete brand identity that would stand out.

We created a full branding system, packaging design, and website design for the company to strongly position it against competitors. We handled the email marketing to create a culture around the brand and foster a relationship with customers.



Website Sessions


I. Branding

For the OMLGO branding, we used geometric shapes and a simple color palette to symbolize black heritage.

II. Web Design

The OMLGO website used high-quality beauty imagery with dark backgrounds and contrasting white space to create elegance. Micro-interactions are used throughout the website to keep users engaged and clicking through the pages.

III. Media Production

We executed a beauty photoshoot for OMGLO to showcase the quality of the brand and strengthen the luxury and inclusion narratives.

IV. Marketing

We created custom email marketing templates and strategies to increase the return customer rate and build trust in the brand.

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