OMGLO, a cosmetic beauty brand focused on diversity, contacted TC Creatives in the early stages of their brand development. The founder of OMGLO Cosmetics was looking to create a brand and product design that would excite their customers.


Our approach was to build an inclusive and diverse brand, staying true to the brand’s mission.




Website Sessions



For OMGLO Cosmetics’ strategy, TC Creatives worked closely with the founders to identify the target audience and brand messaging. Once we had a clear understanding, we created a robust brand system and package design for their business.

Brand Identity

OMGLO’s brand identity was crafted using geometric designs and a simple color palette. Contrasting the background with gold accents to symbolize black heritage. Bold fonts embody elegance and strength, complemented by a circular texture around the logo.

Packaging Design

A clear and simple package design was created for OMGLO Cosmetics to let the product shine through the bottle. The brand’s geometric shape was used as a border, containing the label information on the front of the bottle.

Media Production

TC Creatives’ team executed a beauty photoshoot for OMGLO Cosmetics brand to showcase the quality of the products. Capturing the brand’s mission of inclusion and diversity through glamorous photos.

Web Development

TC Creatives’ team designed an e-commerce website using a minimalist design to focus on the OMGLO Cosmetics’ products.

To create a user-engagement experience, we used micro-interactions throughout the website.

We showcased eye-catching imagery to attract the target audience and increase buyer potential. Contrasting high-quality beauty imagery with dark background to create a luxury feel.


For the OMGLO Cosmetics email marketing strategy, we created email templates to build trust in the brand and increase the returning customer rate.


“Absolutely amazing!!! Tiffiney is a really amazing find. Such an amazing attention to detail and so professional. Delivered everything I needed, & then some and in an extremely timely manner! There were times where I wasn’t exactly what I wanted but she understood my vision and executed it with 1000% accuracy. If you are starting a new business or re-branding your current… You need TC Creatives!!!”

– Joelle P., Owner of OMGLO Cosmetics

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