Aja Labs, stepping into the innovative world of biotech hair extensions, partnered with TC Creatives to bring their vision to life. At the core of this collaboration was the challenge to not only name but also develop and brand this groundbreaking product. Kicking things off, TC Creatives and Aja Labs dove into a comprehensive brand strategy session. This crucial step helped lay down a solid foundation, ensuring a well-defined brand strategy and story. From there, TC Creatives took the reins, crafting a unique identity that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Aja Labs' new biotech hair extension brand.
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TC Creatives embarked on a mission to redefine the hair extension industry with the creation of a new brand for Aja Labs, centered around biotechnology. The vision was clear: to spotlight the plant-based essence and enriching qualities of their products, setting a new benchmark in the hair extension market. From this vision, Nourie emerged.

The name Nourie encapsulates the nourishing propoerties and the botanical origins of its offerings.


Nourie Banner

Opting for a delicate color palette and custom illustrations, the team adeptly communicated these core themes, imbuing the brand with a sense of renewal and vitality. The design of the icons struck a perfect balance between simplicity and boldness, echoing the intrinsic qualities of Nourie's offerings. In a nod to the brand's commitment to eco-friendliness, the Nourie mailer box design was thoughtfully minimalist yet engaging, utilizing a kraft box to underscore sustainability efforts while animated by distinctive brand textures to infuse the packaging with life and character.

Nourie Business CardsNourie Shipping BoxesNourie Thank You CardsNourie Texture
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Nourie SM Templates

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