TC Creatives was hired to name, develop, and brand a new biotech hair extension brand created by Aja Labs.


Before starting the visual branding and naming, the TC Creatives team had a brand strategy session with Aja Labs to define a clear brand strategy and story.


TC Creatives determined the new biotech hair extension brand would craft a brand focusing on the plant-derived nature of the brand while highlighting the nourishing elements of the products and redefining the standards of hair extensions. Thus, Nourie was born.

The stylescape visually brought together the softness of rebirth (of the hair industry) and the plant-derived nature of the products using a soft, yet bold, color palette, icons, and custom illustrations.

Brand Identity

TC Creatives was tasked with creating a visual brand identity for Nourie, a new line of plant-derived hair extensions. The team wanted to capture the essence of rebirth and regeneration in the branding to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness and the product’s nourishing properties.

They chose a soft color palette and custom illustrations to convey these themes. The icons are designed to be both simple and bold, reflecting the nature of the products themselves. 

Fahkwang Medium


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Packaging Design

The Nourie mailer box is both minimal and playful, using a kraft box to highlight the brand’s sustainability and the brand textures to bring the design to life.

Social Media

Minimalistic social media templates were created using the brand’s primary color, lilac, with green-colored brand texture accents.


TCC nailed the branding, image, and name for us. They worked with us on revisions and nuanced detail tweaks in the graphics they designed for us. Our team loved the looks and the vision of the brand they were able to align with our product and target market.
I appreciated the specific cultural and industry knowledge that Tiffiney and the team brought to our conversations. They had the specific experience in our market that was like a cherry on top, and our conversations around why/why not something would work for our messaging were addressed through that experience and institutional knowledge from them having done it before.”

-Suna Lumeh, Co-Founder & COO

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