Moissant is a family-owned skincare company specialized in physician-formulated products developed with a 40-year-old family formula using carefully chosen ingredients. Moissant reached out to TC Creatives to build their brand from the ground up.


Our approach to Moissant branding was to stand out from a saturated skincare market focusing on their family legacy and values. To build the brand as an extension of the family.


To develop the Moissant strategy, TC Creatives worked closely with the founders, listening closely to their family history, carefully defining their personality, values, and brand message.

After creating a solid brand foundation, we helped name Moissant. The name of the brand Moissant highlights the moisturizing properties of the products while giving a luxury feel to the brand.

Brand Identity

We developed Moissant’s brand identity with the visual concepts of regalness, moisture, and timelessness. Using purple with complementary gray tones, we create a regal brand aesthetic. For the logo, we created a script wordmark with a droplet as the tittle, which helped integrate the product properties with the brand.

Social Media

Our team created elegant social media templates for Moissant, using thin lines and grid layouts.

We used the primary brand color for the main color with the secondary color for text.

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