Manifested Events


After working with one of her previous brands, Shana Bryant reached out to TC Creatives to help create and launch Manifested Events. The challenge was differentiating the two brands and expanding on her services and offerings while pin-pointing Manifested Events toward a new audience set. 


TC Creatives determined the new Manifested Events site would focus on expanding Shana Bryant’s event services while still maintaining its core values, such as creativity and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners.


TC Creatives conducted a personal brand strategy session with Chandra Adusei, helping to uncover her authentic brand. We used our findings, along with our market research to determine how to reach Chandra’s audience in a way that was natural, engaging, and humorous. 

Web Development

The Manifested Events website had to starkly contrast to the previously established Shana Bryant Consulting website while showing some of the same work. We designed a site that was bold and minimal, a drastic difference from the extremely colorful Shana Bryant Consulting website.

A combination of one and two-column grid layouts, with black and gold backgrounds, were used to create this bold website. We used rounded outlined buttons and multiple weighted header fonts to create a sophisticated yet simple look.

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