Manifested Events

Manifested Events, envisioned by Shana Bryant following the success of her previous brand, represents a new venture designed to carve out a unique niche within the event planning industry. Focused on delivering unparalleled event services while fostering creativity and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners, Manifested Events sought to distinguish itself and appeal to a broader audience. TC Creatives developed a new website that not only encapsulated the core values of creativity and governmental support but also showcased the expanded range of event services offered by Manifested Events.
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Web Design

For this eye-catching website, our design team combined simple one and two-column layouts with striking black and gold colors. This mix gives the site a bold and fancy look that's also easy to use. We added rounded buttons with outlines for a modern, easy-to-navigate feel. Plus, we used different thicknesses of fonts for the headers to keep things classy yet straightforward. All these elements work together to make a website that looks great and works smoothly, making sure visitors enjoy their time on it.

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