Lumiere Skyn is a new luxury skincare brand that creates community and educates its target audience. In the early ideation of the company, Lumiere Skyn was looking for complete branding for their new skincare line.

We created a full strategy, branding, web development, media production, and CGI to help bring the brand to life.

I. Strategy

We developed a brand strategy to position Lumiere Skyn strongly in the luxury market. An emphasis on the light technology of the product was used when developing the brand’s motto, values, and color palette. 

II. Branding

The branding uses a simple wordmark with an intricate, art-like deco icon. The icon is symbolizing a prism and light, as well as smaller shapes used in technology.

The color palette uses charcoals to symbolize purifying and releasing toxins, while rose and gold are used as accents. A chic serif font is used for headlines, while a simple sans-serif font is used as a compliment for body content, captions, and all other copy.

The packaging design uses charcoal as the main color with gold foil logos. 



III. Media Production

We produced product photography and CGI videography of the product to help showcase it to the world and strengthen the emphasis of light in the branding.

IV. Web Design

We built a clean e-commerce website for the launch of the brand. Because the brand did not have social proof, we used a mix of CGI product demos as well as ingredient features for the site. We used lots of white space with pops of color for key information. 

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