Lumiere Skyn


Lumiere Skyn is a new luxury skincare brand focused on educating and strengthening its community. TC Creatives was contacted to develop the brand identity of the new Lumiere Skyn skincare line. To establish Lumiere Skyn’s presence in the market, we designed a unique strategy, branding, web development, media production and CGI production.


TC Creatives’ strategy to position Lumiere Skyn brand, we focused on the unique technology of the product. This distinctive feature served as inspiration throughout the color palette, brand’s motto, and values.


To distinguish the brand in the luxury skincare marketplace, we used the product’s unique light technology as the creative cornerstone for the motto, brand values, and color palette. As a scientifically backed, family-oriented business, we wanted to ensure that the branding and website showcased expertise while being accessible.

Brand Identity

The art deco-inspired icon represents a prism and light while capturing the essence of the new technology.

We utilized charcoal with accents of gold and dusty rose to embody the purification and release of toxins the products provide for the color palette. A chic serif font gives the right amount of detail for headers, complimented by a classic sans-serif for all other copy.

Charcoal packaging with gold foil logos neatly ties the customer experience together.

Packaging Design

For the Lumiere Skyn packaging, we used charcoal as the main color for the packaging. Gold foil was used to highlight the brand icon, while the luxurious text gave the packaging elegance.

The Lumiere Skyn HyperGlo box featured a split design with the branding on the charcoal and the product image on white. A magnetic box was used for the HyperGlo giving it ease of being reopened when needed. 

Media Production

CGI videos and product photography were used for the Lumiere Skyn media production. The production highlighted the light signature of the brand.

Web Development

TC Creatives’ team built a clean e-commerce website for the launch of Lumiere Skyn. We used a combination of CGI product demos and ingredients features on the website. 

White space in combination with pops of color to highlight key information throughout the website. Custom web icons and infographics were created to ensure all elements were on-brand and strengthened the brand story.

Social Media

Beautiful, clean social media templates were created for the Lumiere Skyn brand. Gold accents and soft textures were throughout the social media templates to give a feeling of cleanliness. 


Email automation was created to help the brand story as users subscribed to the email list. 

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