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Lumiere Skyn is a fresh face in the luxury skincare world, with a mission to educate and empower its community. TC Creatives stepped in to help build this new brand from the ground up. Our team crafted a unique brand identity that really shines, thanks to Lumiere Skyn's innovative product technology. This cool tech inspired everything from the brand’s colors to its motto and core values. We didn’t stop there, though. Our work also included designing a standout strategy, creating a sleek website, producing engaging media, and using CGI to show off their products. Our approach made sure Lumiere Skyn would make a big splash in the skincare scene, setting them up for success from day one.
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Lumiere Skyn Strategy Banner

To carve out a unique niche for the brand within the competitive luxury skincare market, TC Creatives leveraged the product's innovative light technology as the foundation of our creative strategy. This cutting-edge feature inspired not just the brand's motto and core values, but also its distinctive color palette. Recognizing the brand as both scientifically advanced and family-oriented, we aimed to craft a branding and web presence that radiated expertise and approachability. Our goal was to ensure that every aspect of the brand's presentation underscored its commitment to quality and inclusivity, making sophisticated skincare accessible to a broad audience.


Lumiere Skyn Banner

For the Lumiere Skyn brand, TC Creatives crafted an art deco-inspired logo that symbolizes a prism and light, capturing the innovative essence of their new technology. The chosen color palette - a rich charcoal complemented by accents of gold and dusty rose - mirrors the products' ability to purify and detoxify, enveloping customers in an aura of sophistication and wellness.

The meticulous selection of a chic serif font for headers, paired with a timeless sans-serif for body copy, strikes the perfect balance between elegance and clarity. In designing Lumiere Skyn's packaging, charcoal serves as the dominant hue, enriched by gold foil accents to foreground the brand icon, infusing the packaging with a sense of luxury and distinction. The HyperGlo box introduces a captivating split design, combining charcoal branding elements with a pristine white backdrop for the product image, all enclosed in a user-friendly magnetic box that underscores the brand’s commitment to convenience and quality. This cohesive design approach not only elevates the customer experience but also seamlessly ties together the visual identity of Lumiere Skyn, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and innovation. 

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Media Production

Lumiere Skyn Banner

For the Lumiere Skyn launch, TC Creatives leveraged a dynamic combination of CGI videos and high-quality product photography to bring the brand's unique light signature to the forefront. Through the magic of CGI, we developed captivating videos showcasing the innovative light mask, providing potential customers with an intimate look at the science and technology powering the brand. These meticulously crafted scenes included detailed deconstructions of the mask, revealing the intricate LED lights within, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the product’s functionality and benefits. This blend of artistic visual storytelling and technological insight perfectly encapsulated the essence of Lumiere Skyn, setting a new benchmark for media production in the beauty technology space.

Lumiere Skyn All Products Photography
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Web Design


The TC Creatives team masterfully designed a sleek e-commerce website for the Lumiere Skyn launch, seamlessly blending CGI product demonstrations with detailed ingredient features to enrich the online shopping experience. By strategically utilizing white space and incorporating vibrant color accents, we highlighted crucial information, making the site not just visually appealing but also intuitive for users. To further enhance the brand narrative and ensure consistency across the digital platform, we crafted custom web icons and infographics.

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