Lot Delicieux


Lot Delicieux is a cottage bakery in Baltimore, Maryland, offering in-store and delivered fresh-made baked goods.

After being 3 years in business with stagnant social media, Lot Delicieux contacted TC Creatives. They were looking to redesign their website and social media strategy while building brand awareness and increasing their sales.


TC Creatives’ team crafted an impressive marketing strategy for Lot Delicieux, including weekly campaigns to increase brand awareness. Featuring a “flavor of the week” and 1-2 weekly quotes. We scheduled a weekly custom brand story, to engage with their audience. To increase post visibility, we used key hashtags, encouraging engagement while building a community around the brand.


Instagram Followers


Website Traffic


Brand Identity

The art deco-inspired icon represents a prism and light while capturing the essence of the new technology.

We utilized charcoal with accents of gold and dusty rose to embody the purification and release of toxins the products provide for the color palette. A chic serif font gives the right amount of detail for headers, complimented by a classic sans-serif for all other copy.

Charcoal packaging with gold foil logos neatly ties the customer experience together.

Media Production

Strategically styled brand photography was done for Lot Delicieux. Clean shot images on a white background helped viewers to focus on the appetizing products. 

Web Development

Inspired by traditional French bakeries, TC Creatives’ team created a clean and sophisticated website. Large imagery features throughout the entire website, complementing the brand image with custom fonts and layout.

Ribbons and script fonts were added to create the French allure of the Lot Delicieux website. An ordering system with payment and delivery features were added to streamline the ordering process.

Social Media

To help generate interest in the brand, we created a large Instagram marketing push including reaching out to local bloggers, food enthusiasts, and more to grow the Instagram following over 4000%.

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