Le’Nigal Naturals


Le’Nigal is an organic hair and beauty line. The company contacted TC Creatives to develop their brand identity. Building a connection with their audience and making their products stand out from the competition.

Our team developed a brand system and an e-commerce website for the Le’Nigal brand.


Le’Nigal Naturals was based on African principles. TC Creatives’ team integrated hair and tribal patterns for the brand’s visuals, maintaining the company’s mission.

Brand Identity

TC Creatives developed a badge logo for Le’Nigal Naturals using a hair strand symbol to spell the monogram.

Bold colors were used to symbolize power and connect with traditional African tribalism. 


Simple fonts complimented the brand icon to keep the branding from looking busy or distracting.

Packaging Design

For the Le’Nigal package design, TC Creatives’ team created beautiful roll labels for their products. With a custom-designed texture, we were able to mirror a curling strand of hair.

Color-blocked side panels were used to highlight important information in the packaging.

Web Development

We used a white background in the product photography to highlight the product’s stunning package design. Throughout the website, we used the bold brand colors blocks to contrast with the white space offset.

Important sections on the website featured bold backgrounds, mirroring the packaging design. Because the brand had a limited product offering, each product received its own browser height section on the homepage describing its benefits and uses.

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