Kiwi’s Boutique is a women’s fashion store located in Chicago, Illinois. After 14 years in business, Kiwi’s Boutique reached out to TC Creatives to update their email marketing strategy. They were looking to increase their email revenue while optimizing their inventory consumption.


TC Creatives’ team conducted market research to develop a solid email marketing strategy. Building email consistency with a cohesive look and feel through all their marketing channels. Retargeting their subscribers to increase email revenue.


Revenue Growth


Email Revenue Attribution


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Return on Investment (ROI)

1500% in 30 days


For Kiwi’s Boutique strategy, TC Creatives’ team looked into the company analytics to develop better business processes and buying patterns for the company. We created newsletter campaigns and templates from scratch to increase sales and brand visibility.

Media Production

We put together a series of photoshoots for Kiwi’s Boutique to highlight new collections on the website and for social ad campaigns. 

Each photoshoot had it’s own theme to fit the collection, with a selection of models chosen to best represent the collection’s tone.

Social Media

Through email marketing and social media ads, we doubled revenue for the Kiwi’s Boutique brand resulting in a 1500% return on investment in the first 28 days of service. Our ads for Kiwi’s Boutique averaged a 7.8X ROAS.


Our email strategy for Kiwi’s Boutique consisted of conducting newsletter research which allowed us to identify key subject lines and sales types. Increasing email open rates and generating email revenue as part of our strategy. We created email templates with multiple automated emails. Sales emails were created as a multi-step rollout, having 4 emails per sale duration.

We built a community around Kiwi’s Boutique brand, we targeted dead email subscribers to encourage engagement. We generated 30% company revenue earned from email alone in the first 28 days which was a 7687% increase in email-generated store revenue.


“As a result of TC Creatives’ efforts, the e-mail marketing open rate has increased by approximately 25%. Exceeding expectations, they help to improve business processes outside their initial scope of work. The team manages campaigns effectively, which makes them a valuable partner.”

-Chiquita W., Owner at Kiwi’s Boutique

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