Kiwi’s Boutique is a women’s fashion store located in Chicago, Illinois. After being in business for 14 years, Kiwi’s Boutique was looking to increase the amount of revenue generated from their email list and digital marketing while optimizing inventory consumption.

We worked with Kiwi’s Boutique to increase email revenue to 35% of total revenue, social media ad revenue to 30%, increase conversion rate, and build brand awareness.

Revenue Growth


Email Revenue Attribution


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


I. Strategy

Having been in business for 14 years, we looked into Kiwi’s boutique analytics to create a marketing strategy to not only increase sales and brand visibility but also to create better business processes and buying patterns for the company.

II. Marketing

We managed Kiwi’s Boutique email marketing and social media ads to increase revenue and strengthen the retargeting efforts for the brand. Through social media ads and email marketing, we were able to double revenue. Kiwi’s Boutique had a 1200% return-on-investment in the first 28 days of service.

III. Media Production

We produced e-commerce shoots and social marketing campaigns around Kiwi’s Boutique new products to increase production value for the brand and build brand trust.

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