Jazzy Cheesecakes, a brick-and-mortar bakery in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been operating for nearly 2 decades without a fully functioning website. This creates a strain on the employees and makes it difficult to expand the business nationwide. Jazzy Cheesecakes reached out to TC Creatives to rebuild its website and streamline its business practices.


Understanding the full customer journey of Jazzy Cheesecakes’ audience was essential for TC Creatives. The approach was to audit the current website copy and content, address concerns, and provide insight to improve the business performance. Afterward, we determined the best new content for the website.


To give Jazzy Cheesecakes a more cohesive feel and story, we created 3 stylescapes for the brand, helping to determine. the tone and visuals for the brand. The final brand stylescape used icing like backgrounds and shapes to make an appealing brand style.

Brand Identity

As part of Jazzy Cheesecakes’ new brand collateral, TC Creatives developed new business cards using brand elements with raised spot UV to create a unique 3D sensory experience.

We expanded the visual branding system with a menu, thank-you cards, and new uniforms. Each element worked together to strengthen to brand overhead for Jazzy Cheesecakes.

Packaging Design

In order to strengthen the Jazzy Cheesecakes brand, a new packaging system was developed with a unique interactive unboxing experience. The brand colors, textures, and elements created during the website redesign were used to maintain the brand concept and create a memorable experience for the customer. To ensure the packaging quality and details, we sourced the packaging items to fit the new brand positioning.

Each packaging item was designed to showcase the masterful presentation of each product while leaving a lasting impression, strengthening brand recognition.

Web Development

We created fun style guides featuring Jazzy Cheesecakes’ magnificent cake and dessert designs, while also showcasing products and highlighting the family center mission.

To create a user-engagement experience, we used micro-interactions and animations throughout the website. 

Delivery ordering and pick-up features were incorporated into the website, as well as a custom cake builder to optimize the quote and ordering process online.




In order to keep Jazzy Cheesecakes’ customers engaged and up-to-date with the brand, an email marketing strategy was developed. It alerts new and existing customers with the in-store rotating menu and product changes.

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