Gemini Naturals


Pop! Curl Color was a natural temporary hair coloring brand with over 9 month in business and moderate social media success. Pop! Curl Color reached out to TC Creatives for a complete rebranding while increasing their revenue and gaining a prominent positioning in the temporary hair coloring companies market.


TC Creatives’ approach was to rebrand the company and their products while strengthening the brand mission and values. We changed the name of the brand, the product names and reintroduced the brand in a playful way while maintaining the connection to their audience. 


Revenue Growth


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)



In order to reposition the brand in the temporary hair color market, TC Creative’s strategy was to change the name of the brand to Gemini Naturals focusing on the brand’s personality and versatility of the products.

The brand was named Gemini Naturals to emphasize the idea of matching your hair color with the customer’s unique personality. A brand system was created using new packaging, website, and media production to showcase the new and improved brand.

Brand Identity

For the Gemini Naturals’ new brand identity, we chose bold and feminine colors.

Edgy script fonts were used to match the brand’s personality with a painted gradient to symbolize the hair color process.

Bright and bold colors influenced the direction of the brand, creating a product that would pop off the shelves and into the heart of the buyer.

Packaging Design

For the Gemini Naturals packaging, we used created light gray labels with bold text to help the brand’s personality shine through. The product name used a heavy handwritten font with a gradient tone. 

We kept the copy of the packing in the brand pink, keeping it bold on white, but not overpowering to the product colors which peeked through the clear bottles.

Media Production

For Gemini Naturals’ media production, we produced social campaigns using strategic product photography featuring colorful textures and bold makeup.

Product usage video ads we created to showcase the products ease of use.

CGI product visualization light therapy mask 360 rotation

Web Development

We designed a bold website with clean, eye-catching photos highlighting the Gemini Naturals’ products. Each section of the homepage was designed to feature a key product and captivate the viewer. 

Bold, branded color backgrounds were used throughout the Gemini Naturals website homepage. Clean white product pages were used to keep the viewer’s eyes focused on the vibrant products.

Social Media

Videos, motion graphics, still quotes and product reviews were part of TC Creatives’ social media strategy to build a community and create brand awareness for Gemini Naturals.

We also created custom content and managed social media ads for the holiday season. The holiday ads resulted in a 12x return on ad spend (ROAS).


In order to build a strong connection to their audience, TC Creatives reevaluated the Gemini Naturals email strategy. We updated the old automations and sent new bi-weekly emails, to nurture the community with valuable content highlighting the brand’s products, providing tips, style combinations, and benefits.

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