Gemini Naturals is a natural hair brand focused on helping naturalists showcase their individuality without damaging their curls. After being in business for a short while, Gemini Naturals wanted to completely rebrand. 

We created a new, cohesive brand and strategy to help position Gemini Naturals strongly amongst competitors and encourage brand recognition.

Revenue Growth


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


I. Strategy

To help reposition this temporary hair color in the market, we created an entirely new brand strategy. The strategy focused on the personality and attitudes surrounding hair dye. We renamed the brand Gemini Naturals to symbolize the vibrant and versatile nature of the product.

II. Branding

For the rebrand, we choose bold, feminine colors. Rebellious script fonts were used to match the sassy brand tone. Painted gradients are used on the packaging to symbolize the hair color process.

III. Media Production

We produced product photography and social campaigns for the brand using colorful texture and bold makeup.

IV. Web Design

We designed a bold website using the brand’s bright colors contrasting with the products on a white background. A simple banner style is used to not create clutter with the eye-catching photography.

V. Marketing

We created custom content and managed social media ads for the holiday season. The holiday ads resulted in a 12x return on ad spend (ROAS).

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