Geek Swim


Geek Swim is a science-based swimming school, using technology to revolutionize swimming training and coaching.

Geek Swim reached out to TC Creatives to create a memorable brand identity. The brand identity needed to be gender-neutral and attractive to the targeted audience.


Geek Swim uses technology and ageless education. In order to strongly position the brand, we developed a brand strategy to transcend those concepts.

Brand Identity

TC Creatives’ team designed a fun and minimalist-style brand. The logo design for Geek Swim replaces the “E” for waves style elements, used throughout the marketing material. A soft gender-neutral color palette was used to appeal across demographics.

Social Media

TC Creaties designed fun social media templates for Geek Swim. Each template was designed to give the feeling of a swim meet – engaging for youth and nostalgic for the older followers.

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