Course Trifecta


Course Trifecta is the go-to place to learn about event planning for businesses. Having pivoted during the pandemic, Course Trifecta was looking to connect with its audience while driving course sales.

Course Trifecta hired TC Creatives to create a go-to-market strategy, manage social media, and consult regularly.


Course Trifecta had a curriculum but needed a clear vision of what the brand would be. We worked with Course Trifecta to identify ways to position itself to its audience, convert old subscribers to potential customers, and expand its product offering.


TC Creaties worked with Course Trifecta to identify its customers’ personas and customer journeys to determine the touchpoints that needed to be developed for the brand. We expanded the product offering from a course only to subscriptions, courses, and events.

Social Media

TC Creatives designed and created copy for Course Trifecta social media, mixing shareable content, information, and animations to keep the audience interested while building visual brand recognition. 


We created value-based emails to communicate the needs of event planning for businesses while keeping authenticity and connection at the core.

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