As a truly clean beauty brand, CANE Beauty is raising the standards for clean beauty. CANE Beauty reached out to TC Creatives to create a brand that exemplifies their mission and strong values and make them a formidable competitor in the beauty marketplace.


The brand’s ideal is that they are a truly clean brand instead of other brands who falsely claim to be clean, so we used natural, minimal, and clinical brand elements to create a cohesive brand experience.

Brand Identity

CANE Beauty’s brand design was crafted to highlight the medical and natural elements of the product. A warm grey palette with a melon accent color allows the brand to remain gender-neutral. We use simple lines and natural textures creating a clean aesthetic.

Packaging Design

For CANE Beauty’s packaging, we created a clean and minimalistic design. The packaging gives a clinical feel of the products while highlighting their clean mission.

The white glass bottles with white roll labels emphasized CANE Beauty’s brand values of minimal waste and additives. 

Media Production

Cane Beauty launched at the height of the pandemic. With the products still in production, we used the packaging specs to generate CGI and videos for use on the website and social media platforms.

Web Development

CANE Beauty’s website was designed to engage with their audience in a fun way while educating the customer about the brand’s products. An interactive and educational website was developed for an optimal user experience.

Lots of negative space paired with the soft brand colors gives the CANE Beauty website and clinical but welcoming design. Multiple quizzes were created to help educate the visitor and build an emotional connection to the products.

Social Media

Simple social media templates were created for CANE Beauty using their custom brand textures with accented brand elements.


CANE Beauty had a lot of information to share with its new audience. We strategically crafted automated emails to share the information about the products and ingredients in a short, digestible way.

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