CANE Beauty is a TRULY Clean beauty brand, raising the bar for clean beauty. During the brand development process, CANE Beauty reached out to TC Creatives to create a brand the encapsulated their mission and values while positioning them strongly against competitors. 

We created a clean, cohesive brand system, website, and media for CANE Beauty to help them become a driving force in the beauty industry.

I. Branding

For the branding, we chose elements that highlighted both the medical and natural elements of the product. Clean lines were matched with natural textures throughout the branding. The color palette of warm greys with a melon accent color allowed the brand to stay gender-neutral and clean.

II. Media Production

The client’s products were not finished production during the branding and website development. We used the packaging specs to create CGI images and videos of the products for their website and social.

III. Web Design

The website was both educational and interactive. We paired fun ways to learn about and buy the products throughout the website without cluttering the design and impacting user experience.

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