Bellora is a beauty and skincare brand. We built a full branding system and packaging design that embodied the luxury and integrity of the brand.


To distinguish the brand in the luxury skincare marketplace, we used the product’s unique light technology as the creative cornerstone for the motto, brand values, and color palette.

Brand Identity

For the Bellora branding, TC Creatives wanted to create a loving and luxurious tone. We used heart elements in the “a” of the wordmark and mirrored that shape into the icon. Custom marble textures were created for the brand to differentiate between product styles. A feminine but bold color palette was created to help the product jump off the shelf.

Packaging Design

For the Bellora packaging design, TC Creatives used the brand marbles to differentiate the targeted skin types for the products. We used a minimal design on white bottles, leaving space to show the cream shade through the front of the bottle.

Two alternative shopping bag options were created for the Bellora brand. One minimalist design, that complimented the business cards and allowed the logo to shine through. One marbled bag design, with a foil logo overlay, was attention-grabbing and unique.

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