We’re TC Creatives

TC Creatives is a purpose-driven branding and design studio endowed with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our company thrives on helping emerging and expanding brands carve their niche in the market. Guided by a passionate blend of artistic excellence and strategic business insight, we tailor every project to meet the specific challenges and opportunities our clients face.

What moves us

    At the heart of our mission is the drive to empower businesses, big and small, with the tools to stand out in an ever-evolving market. Using innovative brand strategies, we aim to elevate each unique business narrative, giving them a powerful voice that resonates with their target audience. Our multifaceted designs, tailor-made to embody the essence of your brand, capture attention, generate intrigue, and inspire interaction.

    We believe in not just reaching your target audience, but in crafting brand experiences that mesmerize them, engage their interests, and cultivate loyalty. As partners in your success journey, we aim to breathe life into your vision, ensuring every design element tells a part of your story while enhancing your professional image.

    Our mission is not just about creating a brand; it’s about fueling a revolution – a revolution where businesses thrive on authenticity, innovation, and engagement. For us, success means seeing your brand not just being accepted, but celebrated by your audience.

    Meet Our Founder

      With a remarkable 15-year career in marketing and brand development, Tiffiney Cornish stands out as a seasoned brand strategist. Her work, particularly rooted in empowering minority-owned entities, redefines inclusive success in the business landscape. Tiffiney’s eclectic experience spans from the fashion world to production efficiency in Estee Lauder Corp., offering a singular approach to brand development.

      In 2014, she launched TC Creatives, a Branding and Design Studio renowned for its strategic planning and compelling design finesse. Under her leadership, the firm has been instrumental in the breakout success of over 150+ VC-funded startups and bootstrapped businesses.

      TC Creatives, under Tiffiney’s helm, has garnered national recognition as a Top Black-Owned Branding Agency and Top Black-Owned Naming Company, a testament to her unequalled expertise in brand positioning and market penetration.

      Excellence is in our DNA.

        • 2024 Clutch.co Top Black-owned Naming Company

        • Clutch.co Top Black-Owned Agency

        • Fall 2023 Top Global Agency

        • Clutch.co Top Woman-Owned Agency

        • Clutch.co Top Black-Owned Video Production Company U.S.

        • 2022 – 2024 Clutch.co Top Black-Owned Branding Company

        • 2024 Clutch.co Top Minority-Owned Packaging Design Company

        • 2024 Top Minority-Owned Product Branding Company

        • 2024 Clutch.Co Top Black-Owned Design Company

        • 2024 – 2023 Clutch.co Top Black-Owned Web Design Agency

        • 2023 Expertise.com Best Web Design Agencies in Woodland Hills

        • 2023 Clutch.co Top Packaging Design Company

        • 2024 – 2023 Clutch.co Top Black-Owned Digital Marketing Agency

        • 2021 – 2023 Expertise.com Best Social Media Agencies in Santa Clarita

        • 2022 Clutch.Co Top Los Angeles Company

        • 2022 Clutch.Co Top Black-Owned Company

        Committed To Supporting Entrepreneurs

          In 2023, our unwavering dedication to brand success culminated in the launch of the Bold Brand Factory. It’s more than just an online academy; it’s a lifesaver for small businesses operating on shoestring budgets. We’ve created self-service workbooks to guide business owners towards their goals, and we’re deeply committed to helping more small businesses break the $1M revenue barrier – a milestone that eludes 91% of businesses.

          Understanding the unique challenges small businesses face, we frequently offer support in critical areas like processes, logistics, hiring, and scaling strategies. We don’t just want you to succeed. We want you to sustain and scale that success for the long haul.

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