Thinking Outside the Box: Packaging Design

When you’re selling a product, the packaging is just as important as the product itself. In order to stand out from the competition, your packaging needs to be eye-catching and memorable. Here are some tips and benefits of creating custom packaging that will make your business stand out.

Design Tips Every Brand Should Follow

With so many brands and products vying for our attention, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. However, there are a few key principles that every successful brand should follow. 

Tip 1: Clarity and Authenticity

First and foremost, clarity and simplicity are essential. Whether we’re talking about digital design or product packaging, success begins with understanding the brand or product and who it’s for. If those messages aren’t clear, you could potentially be turning customers away. To capture consumers’ attention and build lasting connections, brands must be honest and authentic in their messaging. By developing a signature look and voice that is original, engaging, and memorable, brands can create powerful connections with their audiences. 

Tip 2: Shelf Design

When shopping for products, it is important to consider shelf design’s role in the decision-making process. From a shopper’s point of view, it is crucial to understand how products are arranged on store shelves and how this impacts our perception of individual items. Due to the distance from which we typically view these items, we tend to see only a pattern of many different products at once. However, if one particular product catches our attention, we will shift our focus to examine that option more closely.

Tip 3: Recognizable and Informational

In terms of packaging design, any new product line extensions or sub-brands must be easy to introduce and seamlessly integrated into an existing product lineup. Practical considerations are also very important when designing product containers; factors such as size and shape can significantly impact usability. Ultimately, the goal is to create packaging that will help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions while promoting brand recognition and loyalty over time.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is a crucial element of any successful brand. Effective packaging can be an extremely powerful marketing tool beyond simply serving as a protective exterior for your product. It allows you to create a physical connection with your customers by engaging them on multiple levels, from aesthetics and functionality to education and brand message. 

Brand Recognition

With custom packaging, you have full control over the materials that go into your design, meaning you can put your brand front and center in a way that showcases all of its unique benefits and qualities. Whether you are looking to delight your customers or ensure long-term brand recognition, there is no better way to do so than with custom packaging designed specifically for your brand needs. 


Suppose you’ve ever watched an unboxing video on Youtube or Facebook. In that case, you already know how much of a role custom packaging with your logo plays as part of the user experience. It’s also a social experience.

Emotional Connection

For some companies, their custom packaging boxes are as part of their branding as their logo or website design. It’s an extension of their company image and personality. Custom packaging can make your product irresistible and promote brand loyalty when done right. When done wrong, it can be a turn-off and damage your brand. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional designer like ours at TC Creatives. Our designers understand both packaging and branding and will help you create custom packaging that reflects your brand and connects with your customers on an emotional level.

Great Investment

Custom packaging is a great way to make your brand and products stand out in a sea of standard, bland boxes. Made with your logo and other distinctive design elements, custom printed packaging will catch the eye of potential customers and make a memorable impression. In addition, custom packaging is worth the investment for small businesses. It can help protect your products during transit and storage, but it also has a significant impact on how customers perceive your brand. 

Product Visualization

Product visualization technology has given businesses a world of opportunities to create product depictions for marketing purposes. Today, businesses can design products before actually creating them. Product visualization also eliminates additional expenses with photoshoots and transportation of the product. Through this method, customers can see a picture or rendering of the product while completing their orders online. This provides them with peace of mind that they’re ordering the right product and helps to reduce returns. Product visualization is a powerful tool that can save businesses time and money while providing customers with a better shopping experience.

Printing Options

With so many printing options available, you can choose from an array of stylish print designs that reinforce your brand identity while elevating the look and feel of your product. Additionally, choosing custom shapes and packaging textures can add an element of visual appeal that further sets you apart from the competition. Whether you want to create a sleek, sophisticated look or something playful and fun – there are ultimately endless possibilities for designing custom packaging for your brand. So if you are ready to elevate the impression your brand makes on its consumers, look no further than custom packaging!

Inspiring Examples

First impressions are everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to product design. A well-designed product can make all the difference in whether or not a customer will make a purchase, and that’s why we’re obsessed with brands like Fenty Beauty and Gemini Naturals. Both of these brands have mastered the art of product design, and they offer inspiring examples that every business should look to when formulating ideas. These brands have thought of everything from packaging to color schemes to branding. Take a look at why we love them, and you’ll see what we mean!

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna is known for her cutting-edge style, and that same sense of fashion is evident in her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. The brand uses clean, minimalist designs to create a product line that is both elegant and eye-catching. The only notable element that stands out from these clean designs is the logo, which is equally edgy and captivating. This minimalist approach appeals to modern consumers, who are increasingly looking for products that allow them to use their imaginations. The edgy and angular nature of the logo gives Fenty Beauty a modern and unique identity. Fenty Beauty is refreshingly different in a world full of cosmetic brands that all look the same. Thanks to its stylish designs and captivating logo, the brand will turn heads wherever it goes.

Gemini Naturals

In need of a complete rebranding, Pop! Curl Color came to TC Creatives. Our team took a fresh and playful approach to their redesign. Using insights from their audience and the brand’s personality, our expert designers created Gemini Naturals. This brand now had a bold and feminine brand identity that matched the edgy and fun nature of the product. The use of bright and saturated colors in edgy script fonts helped to reinforce the transformative qualities of the hair color products while contributing to a sense of playfulness and youthfulness among customers.

Additionally, incorporating product visualization tools into their packaging design helped ensure maximum effectiveness for their products, allowing Gemini Naturals to reach its target audience more effectively than ever before. The result was a shelf design that immediately caught the eye of customers, helping to drive sales and growth. Gemini Naturals saw a 162% increase in revenue in just one year. And with a return on ad spend of 12x, it’s clear that their investment in product packaging paid off. 


When designing packaging for your brand, it is important to keep in mind some key considerations. Some of these items include simplicity and clarity so that customers can easily recognize and understand what the product is. Good packaging design should also incorporate effective shelf design, allowing products to stand out on crowded retail shelves by being recognizable and informative.

Given these factors, it is clear why so many businesses opt for custom packaging. Custom packaging allows brands to create a unique visual identity for their brand. Also serving as a powerful tool for establishing emotional connections with customers through the creative use of text, imagery, and color palettes. Whether you are looking for bright pops of color or sleek minimalism, custom packaging offers an array of product visualization and printing options to help your brand stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Why Choose TC Creatives?

At TC Creatives, we understand that your brand is more than just a logo or color palette. It’s the story you want to tell, and we can help you tell it in the most impactful way possible. We offer a full range of brand development services, including naming, brand strategy, and packaging design, to name a few. We also specialize in launching new brands into the competitive beauty market. We can help you grab your customer’s attention and achieve early profitability with our strategic approach. And with our photorealistic CGI photography and animation, we can transcend your products and connect to your customers deeper. So if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, come to TC Creatives and let us help you tell your story.

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